Tejaswini: One Woman, Many Faces

Indian mythology is replete with tales of women who leveraged their inner strength to deal with adversity. Contemporary women face similar adversity almost on a daily basis at home, at the workplace, et al. Tejaswini seeks to inspire today’s women by calling out from mythology the examples of power of women. The stories are brought to life by an ensemble cast and of use of narration and poetry.

5 Women, 5 Stories

Draupadi ~ violated in front of her husbands in open court, she redeemed her dignity and achieved retribution

Khona ~ got her tongue cut-off for displaying equal skill and proficiency as men, her “sayings” have become legendary

Behula ~ fought injustice fearlessly to retrieve her husband from the clutches of death itself

Radha ~ a symbol of selfless love for later generations though never honoured by her true love

Sita ~ having given up all worldly pleasures to be with her husband, she preferred death to dishonour when questioned about her chasteness by the very man she worshipped